The best car insurance apps for Android

Car insurance is an important thing. In fact, in the US, you have to have it when you drive. The laws are slowly making so that you don’t actually need to carry insurance with you. In fact, every US state (plus the District of Columbia) except New Mexico allows this technology. Some car insurance apps … Read more

Mobile video trends of 2021

We’re already through the first half of 2021 and it’s a great opportunity to look back on trends that emerged at the beginning of the year. In both 2020 and 2021, we’ve had to face the Covid-19 pandemic all around the world. This unusual international situation still has consequences on every aspect of everyday life, … Read more

The best DSLR apps for Android

Most serious photographers have DSLR cameras. They’re the current gold standard in photography. You can get buy various cameras and lenses. It can be expensive, but worth it. However, you can expand the experience even further using apps. For the most part, your camera has all the controls you need. However, some apps can add … Read more

New ASO rules coming to the Play Store

Changes are coming to the Google Play Store! While Apple made some big announcements for its App Store coming in the second part of 2021, Google’s been leaving clues and updates in its wake. Google Play Store’s changes range from new metadata rules to updated guidelines for preview assets and even a new mandatory safety section. … Read more